John Constantine: Hellblazer (2019-) #4 Review

Series: John Constantine: Hellblazer
Issue: 4
Publisher: DC
Published: February 26, 2020

Words: Simon Spurrier
Art: Matias Vergara
Colors: Jordie Bellaire

Publisher’s Summary: John Constantine was missing for years-and in that time, England needed a mystical protector, a guardian at the gates. Heroically, the young man known as Tommy Willowtree stepped into the breach! This cosmically attuned mage has held evil at bay with the force of his positive white magic, unlocking a new era of peace for the citizens of London. He is a gentleman, a scholar, a clean-living, vegan acolyte of love. So naturally, John Constantine hates his effing guts. And now they have to team up. Great.


John Constantine is set on cleaning up his act and getting off to a fresh start, that is, at least, until he’s attacked by a so-called “turd-goblin.”

Spurrier’s character and dialogue work is masterful; Tommy Willowtree, the yoga posing, man-bun toteing, magic user very well may be one of my new favorite characters, as his progressive, hipster stylings and beliefs perfectly foil Constantine’s devil may care approach to life.

Although I typically don’t enjoy when, in comics, backgrounds disappear and characters seemingly float about in blank spaces, Matias Vergara makes it work, using the negative space to highlight characters. I also don’t typically enjoy reading comic books that feature folks standing around, having conversations, but, by packing this script with wit and crude humor, Simon Spurrier produces an issue that is highly entertaining.

Lastly, teamed with Vergara’s illustrations, Jordie Bellaire’s color work is phenomenal. Bellaire provides a sort of airiness and cleanliness to what would otherwise be a dirt-caked chapter, making John Constantine: Hellblazer#4 look unlike anything else you’ll read this week.

Bottom Line

John Constantine: Hellblazer continues to impress with an issue that is unlike anything else you’ll read, this week.

John Constantine: Hellblazer (2019-) #4 Review
The Bottom Line
John Constantine: Hellblazer continues to impress with an issue that is unlike anything else you'll read, this week.

Charlie Chipman
Charlie Chipman
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