Death To The Army of Darkness #1 Review

Title: Death To The Army of Darkness #1
Publisher: Dynamite
Words: Ryan Parrott
Art: Jacob Edgar
Colors: Kike J. Díaz
Published: February 19, 2020

Publisher’s Summary: “An all-new series by RYAN PARROTT (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) and JACOB EDGAR (Red Sonja)! It’s been six months since the events of the Army of Darkness film…Ash is just trying to settle down and get back to his groovy ways. But dammit, DEADITE-POSSESSED strangers keep attacking him at every turn. Why is evil following everywhere he turns, and what happens when an awful splinter spell causes Ash to become…TEAM ASH!? And, because it’s February, we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with a special variant by artist Sebastian Piriz!”


Full disclosure: there is no iteration of Evil Dead or Army of Darkness that I haven’t enjoyed. Some, more than others, of course, but I’m pretty much all in.

Death to the Army of Darkness is a welcome reintroduction of the wonderful Evil Dead/AoD franchise. Here, Ash is back at S-Mart and faced with the twin perils of a promotion to greater responsibility and a resurgence of the Deadites. In hopes that he might escape his fate, he turns to a Professor at a local community college for help. That works out about as well as it sounds, meaning not at all.

Ryan Parrott wastes no time with the one liners from the lovable loser Ash William, and soon the boomstick and chainsaw follow. This is exactly the kind of mayhem that comes with the legendary Necronomicon Ex-Mortis and a sweet reintroduction of everyone’s favorite lantern jawed demon fighter.

There is more snark and demon battling ahead as Ash finds some most unusual allies. What’s better than knowing that you can never have too much Ash?

The Bottom Line

Ash Williams is back for more, but completely not at all ready to battle the horrible Deadites, again. Luckily, probably, he has some help this time; more Ash is always welcome.

The Bottom Line
Ash Williams is back for more, but completely not at all ready to battle the horrible Deadites again. Luckily, probably, he has some help this time. More Ash is always welcome.
The More The Merrier!

Dave Robbins
While wearing flannel shirts that are older than his editor, Dave works as the Associate Editor at the Brazen Bull where he often says things like: "Don't talk to me about David Lynch until you've seen Eraserhead."

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