Justice League (2018-) #39 Review

Series: Justice League (2018-)
Issue: #39
Publisher: DC
Published: January 29, 2020

Writer: Scott Snyder
Art: Jorge Jimenez, Daniel Sampere, and Juan Albarran
Colors: Alejandro Sanchez and Hi-Fi
Letters: Tom Napolitano

Publisher’s Summary: In the wake of the Justice/Doom War, the Justice League finds themselves stranded at the far end of the universe and facing a challenge they’ve never faced before. But what will they find on their journey? Has their battle with Perpetua had consequences reaching farther across the cosmos than they ever imagined? Superstar scribe Scott Snyder says farewell to the Justice League with a special story that both winds down all the things he started in issue #1-and nods toward everything that comes next in the DC Universe.


“She says there is no him or her or them. For her, there is only “I.” She wants you each to exist like the letter itself. I. I. I. Every life, the thinnest island, floating on its own needs. A line connected to nothing but her.”

The tide has turned in favor of Justice, and in favor of Doom, several times, and now, the members of the Justice League, with Martian Manhunter back at their side, find themselves staring down Perpetua–perhaps the most powerful being they’ve ever done battle with–nearly hopeless and out of options.

Yet again, Scott Snyder successfully builds upon, and utilizes, momentum gained in the previous chapters of this epic story. From page to page, Snyder’s writing is sharp, and I especially enjoyed the dialogue he penned for Martian Manhunter. It’s difficult to comment much more on the story, than I already have, without spoiling anything, so I’ll stop here and say that the issue doesn’t disappoint and very much reads like a great, Scott Snyder comic book.

Although several artists–three illustrators, specifically–worked on this issue, Justice League (2018-) #39 looks and feels as cohesive as all of its predecessors; subtle, stylistic differences can be seen by the eye familiar with each artist’s work, but Jorge Jimenez, Daniel Sampere, and Juan Albarran all manage to complement one another’s work. As one would expect from a Justice League story, panels packed with energy and detail riddle this book, but the issue’s second half is especially impressive.

This issue’s end leaves me feeling torn: I’m looking forward to seeing how Robert Venditti, Doug Mahnke, and Aaron Lopresti handle a post-Justice/Doom-War Justice League story, but I am also sad to see Snyder turn over the reins, as these last thirty-nine issues have been a pleasure to read. Regardless, long live the Justice League! 


Bottom Line

Exciting and emotional, Scott Snyder’s epic Justice League run comes to an end, here, in an issue that remembers the past while looking to the future; Justice League (2018-) #39 is not to be missed.

Justice League (2018-) 39
Justice League (2018-) #39 Review
The Bottom Line
Exciting and emotional, Scott Snyder's epic Justice League run comes to an end, here, in an issue that remembers the past while looking to the future; Justice League (2018-) #39 is not to be missed.

Charlie Chipman
Charlie Chipman
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