Justice League (2018-) #38 Review

Series: Justice League
Issue: 38
Publisher: DC
Published: December 18, 2019

Writer: Scott Snyder
Pencils: Jorge Jimenez & Daniel Sampere
Inks: Jorge Jimenez & Juan Albarran
Colors: Alejandro Sanchez
Letters: Tom Napolitano

Publisher’s Summary: “Justice/Doom War” finale! Lex Luthor is triumphant. Perpetua is back to full power and ready to take on the Multiverse, to bend and twist the whole of existence to suit Doom. Has the Justice League finally come up against a foe they can’t defeat? Perpetua is the mother of their universe after all, the original creator. In war, there can only be one winner, and it just may be Doom’s turn to collect the spoils. This issue leads directly into Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen #1!


Since its inception, the current run of Justice League comics has been epic; the multiverse has sat quivering in a state of near-destruction for some time now, and even though members of the League have gone above and beyond their typical call of duty and have prevented a slew of catastrophic events from occurring, Doom still beckons. Still one issue away from the conclusion of the “Justice/Doom War” (ignore the publisher’s summary), Justice League (2018-) #38 finds the League going toe-to-toe with Lex Luthor and his army of Perpetua-powered apex predators in an earth-shattering final stand.

Nine issues in, with just one left to go, and this arc is as thrilling as it’s ever been. Scott Snyder has made it apparently clear that he knows a thing or two about threatening the well-being of the Multiverse in new and exciting ways. Justice League (2018-) #38 is intense and well-paced and makes for an excellent second-to-last chapter for the “Justice/Doom War.”

I can only imagine the sort of fun that Jorge Jimenez and Daniel Sampere had illustrating this book, as it’s not every day where DC artists are given the opportunity to showcase characters like Plastic Man fighting alongside Batwoman, or Mera teamed up with Etrigan; issues like this one provide artists with the freedom to flex all of their creative muscles, seemingly, at once. Both Jimenez and Sampere did an excellent job in rendering a wide array of characters while simultaneously working together to give the issue a cohesive look and feel.

Like any good penultimate issue should, the final page of Justice League (2018-) #38 generates a great deal of tension and momentum for this arc’s finale. In a single scene, the tides change, giving one team an advantage over the other, but still, it isn’t clear which side will emerge victorious from this war.

Bottom Line

As the fate of the Multiverse hangs in the balance, members of the Justice League make a thrilling final stand against Doom.

Justice League (2018-) #38 Review
The Bottom Line

Charlie Chipman
Charlie Chipman
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