The Plot #3 Review

Title: The Plot #3
Publisher: Vault / Nightfall
Words: Tim Daniel & Michael Moreci
Art: Joshua Hixson
Colors: Jordan Boyd
Published: November 27, 2019

Publisher’s Summary: A startling revelation leaves the nascent Blaine family unit shaken. Reese and Chase both experience ominous visions.


“He didn’t look me in the eye when he spoke. When a man does that, it means one of two things–they’re lying or they’re ashamed. Or perhaps, Deputy Jordan, it’s both. Some truth, some remorse–for not knowing how to tell it all.”

The Plot continues to move at an impressive pace as the depth is added and the story is expanded further. Like any good horror story–any good story, really–answers inspire new questions that lead readers further down the proverbial rabbit hole. Still, as this story continues to gain momentum, Daniel and Moreci continue to focus on tone and atmosphere–still, Daniel and Moreci continue on keeping readers immersed deeply in this dark tale.

The stranger–the weirder–the imagery, the more impressed I am with Joshua Hixson’s artwork; The Plot #3 has its fair share of unsettling scenes that, thanks to expert rendering, are sure to linger in readers minds, days after viewing them. Still, despite clearly excelling at bringing the more frightening aspects of this story to life, Hixson’s conversation-centric scenes are equally as dramatic and exciting as those featuring macabre images.

Bottom Line

The Plot continues to further cement itself as a must-read masterclass of modern serialized Horror.

The Plot #3 Review
The Bottom Line
The Plot continues to further cement itself as a must-read masterclass of modern serialized Horror.

Charlie Chipman
Charlie Chipman
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