Spawn #301 Review: A New Breed of Hellspawn is Born

Series: Spawn
Issue: #301
Publisher: Image
Published: October 9, 2019

Words: Todd McFarlane
Art: Tod McFarlane, Greg Capullo, Jason Shawn Alexander, Clayton Crain, & Jerome Opena
Colors: FCO Plascencia, Peter Steigerwald, Matt Hollingsworth, John Rauch, Greg Menzie, & Jay Fotos

Publisher’s Summary: TODD McFARLANE returns to pencil and ink SPAWN #301—with GREG CAPULLO, JASON SHAWN ALEXANDER, CLAYTON CRAIN, JEROME OPEÑA, and FRANCESCO MATTINA, and even more surprises to come in the record-breaking, longest-running creator-owned comic book in history!

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“At the same moment around the globe, a spark is triggered. And a new breed of Hellspawn is Born!”

Spawn #301 opens with an epic bang that sends shock-waves surging through the Spawn universe, expanding it exponentially. Exactly what role Al Simmons will play in upcoming chapters has yet to be seen, but it is clear that dangerous new players have entered the game, and more is at stake than ever before. If Spawn plans to be victorious in this war, he’s going to need some serious help.

There is quite a lot going on–a lot of bases need to be covered here–but all of it is interesting and exciting. Todd McFarlane’s well-paced script, combined with a diverse set of artistic stylings, keeps the book interesting and urges readers to dive deeper down the hellish rabbit hole.

I’m unsure where this series is heading, but there is a great potential for McFarlane to take his record-breaker and expand into other books that run in tangent with the main Spawn series. I don’t know if that will happen, but it certainly can. If the creative team decides to keep this newly expanded Spawn universe confined in one book, a lot of juggling will be required. Regardless, I’m eager to see what McFarlane has in store for readers.

Bottom Line

Regardless of its record-breaking success, Spawn #301 is an impressive creative effort that marks the start of a new age of Spawn.

The Bottom Line

Charlie Chipman
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