Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel: Hellmouth #1 Review

Title: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel: Hellmouth #1
Publisher: Boom
Words: Jordie Bellaire, Jeremy Lambert
Art: Eleonora Carlini
Colors: Cris Peter
Published: October 9, 2019

Publisher’s Summary:“THE FIRST EVENT OF THE ALL-NEW BUFFY UNIVERSE STARTS HERE! Buffy Summers, the Slayer, has one job—keep the forces of hell from coming to Earth through, uh, Hellmouth. Here’s the bad news—she might have failed. The Mistress Drusilla and her ally, Spike, have found a weapon to open the Hellmouth and unleash unspeakable evil across the town and the world. With time running out, Buffy must team up with a new ally that she doesn’t fully trust—the vampire vigilante known as Angel! Can these two find a way to work together before the Hellmouth opens – or will they decide they might be each other’s greatest enemy? From Eisner Award-nominated writer Jordie Bellaire, rising star Jeremy Lambert (Doom Patrol), and Eleonora Carlini (Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers) comes the first massive event of the Buffyverse—one that threatens to shake the entire fabric of reality. This is an absolute must-read from the mind of creator Joss Whedon!”


The story of this slayer/Angel match-up begins in a Buffyverse where William is Drusilla’s minion, she is trying to open the Hellmouth, and has almost succeeded. The demon Anya is packing up the magic shop and moving away before it happens. Apparently, Xander is some kind of half-vampire and Willow is missing in action as well as missing a part of her soul. Giles is still a librarian, however, so there’s that, I guess. Cordelia is just snarky.

Meanwhile, there is a great deal of new information to unpack in a story that is otherwise unfamiliar. Fortunately, the writing team allows the necessary backstory to leak through without impeding the action of the story.

That’s a good thing because all hell is breaking loose, and so far Buffy is the only one who seems able to do anything about it. The arrival of Angel doesn’t help much because nothing about his agenda and motivation has been revealed yet. The art is bold and chaotic, matching the unease and sense of displacement that this story brings forth

The Bottom Line

It’s a whole new world for Buffy and the gang, and we get to see it just as it is about to be destroyed. Should be a barrel of laughs.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel: Hellmouth #1 Review
The Bottom Line
It’s a whole new world for Buffy and the gang, and we get to see it just as it is about to be destroyed. Should be a barrel of laughs.
Giles Is Still A Librarian

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