The Plot #1 Review

Title: The Plot #1
Publisher: Vault / Nightfall
Words: Tim Daniel & Michael Moreci
Art: Joshua Hixson
Colors: Jordan Boyd
Published: September 25, 2019

Publisher’s Summary: When Chase Blaine’s estranged brother and sister-in-law are murdered, he becomes guardian to McKenzie and Zach, the niece and nephew he hardly knows. Seeking stability for the children, Chase moves his newly formed family to his ancestral home in Cape Augusta—which overlooks a deep, black bogland teeming with family secrets. Mixing the chilling atmosphere of The Haunting of Hill House with the gripping terror of The Conjuring, THE PLOT is your next horror addiction.


Chase Blaine’s life is changed instantly thanks to a strange murder that leaves him with two children, his niece and nephew, to care for; if this drastic life change didn’t make for enough drama, Blaine retreats to his ancestral home that clearly has secrets of its own that are waiting to be uncovered. Murder, monsters, and mystery, the familial secrets of the Blaine family are deep rooted and deadly. 

Tim Daniel & Michael Moreci successfully immerse readers in a grey and dilapidated world of dark possibility. Sinister forces–or at least forces that appear to be sinister–are at work, and Chase Blaine, along with his niece and nephew, have been plunged into the midst of a mystery that’s begging to be investigated…they just don’t know it, yet. Come issue’s end, it becomes clear that the discoveries made in the final scenes of The Plot #1 will be life-changing.

Joshua Hixson brings Daniel and Moreci’s grey and dilapidated world of dark possibility to life with telling expressions and immersive, highly detailed landscapes. Jordan Boyd’s colors take Hixson’s illustrations and brings them to the next level, establishing the necessary air of mystery and tone needed to tell a fear-inducing tale like this one. 

As I’m sure you can tell from my enthusiasm, I’m already hooked on this tale and am eagerly awaiting what’s to come. Not to be missed, The Plot #1 is the start of something great.

Bottom Line

A masterclass in modern horror, The Plot tantalizes readers with a spine-tingling, shiver-inducing tale of terror that’s not to be missed.

The Plot #1
The Plot #1 Review
The Bottom Line
A masterclass in modern horror, The Plot tantalizes readers with a spine-tingling, shiver-inducing tale of terror that's not to be missed.

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