Sea of Stars #3 Review

Title: Sea of Stars #3
Publisher: Image
Written by: Jason Aaron, Dennis Hallum
Art: Stephen Green
Published: September 4, 2019

Publisher’s Summary: “LOST IN THE WILDS OF HEAVEN,” Part Three Kadyn’s powers continue to grow! He can now survive in the vacuum of space, fly on his own, and unleash great mind-bending energies. Meanwhile, Gil thinks he’s found refuge on a planet—until the local plant life tries to murder him!


Seas of Stars #3 continues the fantasy with a gorgeous tour of space that expertly juggles the two viewpoints to its story. What took two issues to establish, hits an absolute stride here. Aaron and Hallum really lean into the fantastical elements of the story this time around, showcasing Kadyn’s powers as something not only unusual (as the hilarious side characters commentate on throughout), but extraordinary. It makes for an exciting read, especially knowing there’s more to come, and watching Gil jerry-rig his way through the galaxy offers an entirely different set of enjoyment. The team knows how to balance its story well, and look amazing doing it. 

The issue looks stunning; Green’s artwork continues to provide a varied and breathtaking look at the Sea of Stars universe. The writing, as always, is charismatic, and every line is character-focused, propelling readers through the issue.

Sea of Stars only becomes more fun to read as it goes on.

The Bottom Line:

The third issue of Jason Aaron and Dennis Hallum’s sci-fi adventure continues to impress with spectacular art and inspiring writing.

The Bottom Line
The third issue of Jason Aaron and Dennis Hallum's sci-fi adventure continues to impress with spectacular art and inspiring writing. This is a series to keep your eye on. 
Emphasizes the fantastical elements; makes the story more unique
Gorgeous art and clever writing throughout

Robert Zadotti
Robert Zadotti
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