Banjax #3 Review

Title: Banjax #3
Publisher: Action Lab – Danger Zone
Words: Rylend Grant
Art: Fabio Alves
Published: August 21, 2019

Publisher’s Summary: CHAPTER 3: A MISSION FROM GOD. Hollywood screenwriter/Aberrant-scribe Rylend Grant’s delightfully twisted deconstruction of the superhero genre kicks things up a notch. Abel Raines’ gratuitously armed and armored Cerberus teams hunt crusader-turned-crazed-vigilante Laird Mason day and night. Just when it looks like all is lost, America’s favorite malicious and malevolent masked lunatic gets a key assist from the unlikeliest of allies.

Last Issue:  Banjax #2; Banjax #1


“You have a genuine gift, I don’t understand why you’re stillputting on these clown plays for white trash tourists. You might as well set up shop on the universal citywalk.”

After taking one hell of a beating from one of Raines’ Cerberus teams, BANJAX gets some unexpected help, and recovers while looking to God for assistance and further justification.

One of the most interesting aspects of the superhero genre examined in this issue is sacrifice and the lengths that a vigilante would actually have to go in order to ‘clean up’ their city. It should come as no surprise that the wars on crime we readers are typically privy to pale in comparison to the one that Laird Mason is leading; his actions have fitting consequences, and now that he is closer than ever to death, it’s clear that Mason is questioning his approach. 

Grant continues to take the familiar and repackage it in order to provide readers with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the genre. As this deep dive continues, I find myself more invested in Mason and his crusade.

Bottom Line

With an emotional third chapter that is as dense as it is intense, BANJAX further cements itself as a must-read series.

Banjax #3
Banjax #3 Review
The Bottom Line
With an emotional third chapter that is as dense as it is intense, BANJAX further cements itself as a must-read series.

Charlie Chipman
Charlie Chipman
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