Sea of Stars #2 Review

Title: Sea of Stars #2
Publisher: Image
Written by: Jason Aaron, Dennis Hallum
Art: Stephen Green
Published: August 7, 2019

Publisher’s Summary: “LOST IN THE WILDS OF HEAVEN,” Part Two (of Five) Space trucker Gil’s problems have gone from bad to worse after a giant leviathan destroyed his ship and probably killed his young son, Kadyn. He’s quickly losing oxygen and—after being attacked by weird aliens—thinks he might also be losing his mind. Meanwhile, Kadyn is very much alive and having a great time with his new best buds!


Space is so #$&% terrifying.”

With quite possibly my favorite opening line to a sci-fi story, Sea of Stars returns triumphantly for an exciting second issue to this father-and-son saga! Where the first issue focused on Kadyn, and his literal and figurative estrangement from his father, this issue looks to Gil, the hardened and sarcastic “space trucker” desperately trying to return to his son. The change in perspective is a welcome part of this issue, showing the same conflict from two different sides, even if the plot doesn’t move forward that significantly overall. 

The art is just as breathtaking as before, with Stephen Green bringing a variety of colors and tones that give this endless expanse of space life. Greens and yellows populate dark corners where other artists might use grey and black;this gives a beautiful deadliness to the setting of this series, much like appreciating nature while lost in the woods. The writing from Hallum and Aaron is strong as well, with Gil’s voice naturally being more grizzled and jaded than his son’s. What this does is create a strong juxtaposition between both leads, which will make alternating perspectives that much more entertaining. They may not be any closer to each other, but Aaron and Hallum have me convinced it’ll be a fun ride to be on in the meantime.

The Bottom Line:

Sea of Stars #2 shows us a different side of the events of the last issue with another protagonist, while also adding more context to the conflict.

The Bottom Line
Sea of Stars #2 shows us a different side of the events of the last issue with another protagonist, as well as showing more context to the conflict alongside amazing art. Definitely check this series out. 
Great start to a new sci fi series
Strong team behind it showing their expertise

Robert Zadotti
Robert Zadotti
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