Wonder Woman (2016-) #75 Review

Title: Wonder Woman (2016-) #75
Publisher: DC
Words: G. Willow Wilson
Art: Xermanico, Jesus Merino, Vincente Cifuentes 
Published: July 24, 2019

Publisher’s Summary: At last, after years of exile: Wonder Woman returns to Themyscira! But in the wake of Ares’ escape from his prison, the island is no longer the paradise she remembers… and the Amazons are no longer a united people! Disaster has forced Hippolyta’s warriors to choose a deadly new ally, and Wonder Woman is powerless to convince them to turn back to the light! Who among the Amazons could possibly change the course of history? Only one: Diana’s long-lost aunt, Antiope! A major figure of the Wonder Woman mythos returns in this extra-sized anniversary issue! Plus, Lex Luthor visits fellow Legion of Doom member Cheetah. He comes bearing gifts: a mythical weapon, one rumored to be able to kill anything—even a god. Or, in Wonder Woman’s case, a demi-god.

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After all this time, Wonder Woman is finally returning home. But how will the battle end? And what will become the Amazons?

G. Willow Wilson has tested Wonder Woman at every pass, but in Wonder Woman (2016-) #75 there is finally a light for our hero. Reunited with her people, Wonder Woman restores order to her home. More importantly, Wilson creates a kind of peace for Wonder Woman we have not seen in some time. Reconnected with her home, it feels like we’re about to meet a renewed Wonder Woman. 

Bottom Line

Wonder Woman (2016-) #75  is a gratifying issue. The battle for Themyscira is one of G. Willow Wilson’s best storylines! 

Wonder Woman (2016-) #75
Wonder Woman (2016-) #75 Review
The Bottom Line
Wonder Woman (2016-) #75  is a gratifying issue. The battle for Themyscira is one of G. Willow Wilson's best storylines! 
Intensely gratifying

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