Road of Bones #3 Review

Title: Road of Bones #3
Publisher: IDW
Words: Rich Douek
Art: Alex Cormack
Published: July 17, 2019

Publisher’s Summary: There is no god but hunger. And the loss of their food has driven Roman, Grigori, and Sergei to the absolute extreme. Knives are sharpened and souls are searched as each man decides just how far he is willing to go in order to survive the brutal tundra. One thing is certain, though—one must die for the others to live. Escape from the gulag takes a brutal and horrific turn in ROAD OF BONES #3, from writer Rich Douek (GUTTER MAGIC) and artist Alex Cormack (SINK).

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As our group of survivors venture deeper into the depths this nightmarish tundra, a game of cat and mouse ensues; the loser of this game will not only die, but they will provide sustenance to the other two players…

In my last review for this series, I mentioned that the true horrors of this story exist outside the walls of the Soviet gulag from which our survivors escaped; Rich Douek makes this very clear in Road of Bones #3, as his third chapter is the bloodiest and most brutal yet. Now that the inevitable has happened, I’m eager to see how Douek plans to up the ante in coming issues–clearly, the thing that’s been lurking in the shadows of this tale is going to want to come out and play, soon.

The combined creative efforts of Rich Douek and Alex Cormack continue to impress.

Bottom Line

This series continues to stun; Road of Bones #3 is a well-crafted bloodbath of an issue.

Road of Bones #3
Road of Bones #3 Review
The Bottom Line
This series continues to stun; Road of Bones #3 is a well-crafted bloodbath of an issue.

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