Unearth #1 Review

Title: Unearth #1
Publisher: Image
Story: Cullen Bunn & Kyle Strahm
Art: Baldemar Rivas
Published: July 10, 2019

Publisher’s Summary: When a flesh-warping disease ravages a remote village in Mexico, a scientific task force travels to the inhospitable area to investigate the contamination. Tracing the source of the disease to a nearby cave system, the team discovers a bizarre, hostile ecosystem and a supernatural revelation from which they may never escape. This new subterranean nightmare is brought to you by writers CULLEN BUNN (REGRESSION) and KYLE STRAHM (SPREAD), and rising-star artist BALDEMAR RIVAS!


“For all we know, there’s an entire ecosystem on the other side of that doorway.”

A terrible, disfiguring disease has been spreading, and the source of this scourge lies deep beneath Earth’s surface.

Cullen Bunn, alongside Kyle Strahm, has done it again; just one issue in, and I’m hooked on Unearth. Not only is there a great deal of questions that need answering, but the dank and dangerous subterranean setting is interesting and unique. Clearly there is much more to this subterranean tale of terror than there appears to be, and as this story’s characters dig deeper, and the plot continues to unfold, readers will be treated to an ever-increasing depth of story.

Baldemar Rivas’ razor-sharp linework and well-balanced scene setting makes for a reading experience that is immersive and enjoyable. Rivas beautifully renders the grotesque in this debut issue, capturing perfectly the slime, pus, and blood, making readers skin crawl. Clearly, unimaginable horrors await our characters; I’m eager to see Rivas bring those horrors to light.

Bottom Line

Eco-Horror at its finest; Unearth is an intense and thought-provoking subterranean tale of terror that must be read.

Unearth #1
Unearth #1 Review
The Bottom Line
Eco-Horror at its finest; Unearth is an intense and thought-provoking subterranean tale of terror that must be read.

Charlie Chipman
Charlie Chipman
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