Superman: Up in the Sky (2019-) #1 Review

Title: Superman: Up in the Sky (2019-) #1
Publisher: DC
Words: Tom King
Art: Andy Kubert
Published: July 3, 2019

Publisher’s Summary: Available to comics shops for the first time! Following a home invasion that ends in murder, Superman is put on the trail of a Metropolis mystery by Batman—but can even the Man of Steel discover the truth behind these tragic deaths, or their ties to the far-off world of Rann? These stories by Tom King with art by Andy Kubert guest-starring Green Lantern and other heroes were originally published in SUPERMAN GIANT #3 and #4.


A family has been murdered in Gotham City, and although this occurrence is, unfortunately, nothing new, the Dark Knight must enlist the help of Superman, as an eyewitness talks of a spaceman carrying a child off into the sky.

Although this story was originally published in Superman Giant issues, Superman: Up in the Sky (2019-) #1 stands tall, and works well as a standalone. The Superman that Tom King presents here is conflicted, imperfect, and more human than hero. This Superman is one that I am interested in spending more time with; fellow readers will feel similarly, I’m sure. King also managed to pack a great deal of emotional turmoil–for both Superman and his readers–into this issue, adding depth to what would otherwise be a simple tale.

Andy Kubert’s renderings of Superman and co. are impressive. Highly-detailed scenes and dynamic page layouts make this issue a pleasure to read.

Bottom Line

Superman: Up in the Sky (2019-) #1 is a whirlwind of emotions that sets readers off on an intense search through the stars.

Superman: Up in the Sky (2019-) #1
Superman: Up in the Sky (2019-) #1 Review
The Bottom Line
Superman: Up in the Sky (2019-) #1 is a whirlwind of emotions that sets readers off on an intense search through the stars.

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