Road of Bones #2 Review

Title: Road of Bones #2
Publisher: IDW
Words: Rich Douek
Art: Alex Cormack
Published: June 26, 2019

Publisher’s Summary: After weeks battling the cold, freezing tundra and a dwindling food supply, tension runs high between Roman, Sergei, and Grigori as they flee the horrors of the Kolyma Gulag. Their one hope is reaching a hunting lodge in the mountains where they can replenish their supplies—but the rocky path grows more treacherous with every step. Even so, Roman has yet to discover the true meaning of treachery—until he learns what Grigori and Sergei’s true plan for survival is. The dark tale of survival at any cost in the Siberian wilderness continues in ROAD OF BONES #2 from writer Rich Douek (GUTTER MAGIC) and artist Alex Cormack (SINK).


“Murderers with a code…so nice to hear.”

I don’t know about you, but I like my survival stories served with a side of cannibalism, or, at the very least, its scent filling the air. With the stakes growing hire, and the situation more dire, Roman, Sergei, and Grigori continue their venture out of the frying pan and into the fire, going deeper into the tundra with an ever-decreasing amount of supplies.

Last issue, writer Rich Douek immersed readers in a Soviet hellhole, and now, even though we’ve escaped, it’s becoming clear that unspeakable horrors await us as we venture further from the gulag. Douek’s dialogue is impressive, as all of our characters have unique wants, and authentic-sounding voices. And, in just one scene–one panel, really–Douek is able to remind us that there is more to this tale than there appears to be and that supernatural forces surround our crew of survivors.

Alex Cormack continues to infuse Douek’s script with added intensity, making for an issue that’s as immersive as it is difficult to put down. Despite consisting mostly of ‘conversation’ scenes, Cormack packs each panel of Road of Bones #2 with detail, energy, and emotion.

Two issues is, and Road of Bones retains its place as a must-read horror series.

Bottom Line

As this dark tale of suffering and survival continues, the stakes grow higher, and the situation, more dire. Road of Bones remains a must-read series.

Road of Bones #2
Road of Bones #2 Review
The Bottom Line
As this dark tale of suffering continues, the stakes grow higher, and the situation, more dire. Road of Bones remains a must-read series.

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