Batman and the Outsiders (2018-) #2 Review

Title: Batman and the Outsiders (2018-) #2
Publisher: DC
Words: Bryan Edward Hill
Art: Dexter Soy
Published: June 12, 2019

Publisher’s Summary: Sofia Barrera is on the run from an enforcer for the Ark, the program that gave her powers—but in the process, she’s fallen into the hands of the mystery man called Kaliber! He claims he wants to protect her…but who’s paying his bill? And is Katana already questioning Black Lightning’s leadership on their very first mission? Or is she just pushing him in a direction he’s not willing to go?


Sofia, still on the run, learns a little more about her rescuer, Kaliber, who, by the way, totally isn’t from the future, all the while dealing with her inner-demons. And, as is typical, all is well until it isn’t; before long, punches are thrown and bullets fly.

There are several moments in this issue that make it great, one of which involves subject matter that is typically taboo in comics. Bryan Edward Hill has done a fantastic job establishing this series as more than just another Batman spin-off; by filling the story with interesting characters (some new, some familiar) that speak and act authentically, Hill makes it easy for readers to get lost in his script. Dexter Soy’s highly-detailed artwork adds to this ease of immersion, in that it surrounds readers with a lived-in world.

As it gains momentum, Batman and the Outsiders is morphing into a must-read.

Bottom Line

Batman and the Outsiders (2018-) #2 is an excellent issue that’s filled with interesting characters and conflict. Still gaining momentum, Batman and the Outsiders is becoming a must-read series.

Batman and the Outsiders (2018-) #2
Batman and the Outsiders (2018-) #2 Review
The Bottom Line

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