Dark Red #3 Review

Title: Dark Red #3
Publisher: AfterShock
Words: Tim Seeley
Art: Corin Howell
Colors: Aaron Campbell
Published: May 29, 2019

Publisher’s Summary: A surprise, shocking dive into Chip’s past. During WW2, a small group of soldiers, pursued by Nazis, wanders into a dilapidated French hotel, and one man’s life is changed forever.


Chip takes a sudden, yet illuminating, trip down memory lane which proves to be insightful and pretty kick-ass. While our vampire-hero (maybe) may not have all the answers, he certainly knows where his loyalties lie.

When you talk vampires, you tend to think the brooding type, lurking around cities. Tim Seeley flips this trope in his Dark Red series. Set in middle America, the fly-over states, Dark Red explores the evil invading America’s heartland. Dark Red #3 is an insightful, and intense journey through the main character/vampire, Chip’s, past. Seeley takes time and care to describe Chip’s vampiric transformation, adding humanizing elements to the story between the bits of carnage and war. As we learn how Chip ended up in middle America, Seeley offers readers insight into Chip’s character, developing him into a potential hero.

There’s pain and suffering in Chip’s past, but there’s also a common goal that connects him to the mortals he lives amongst, an enemy the vampires and mortals can rally against. Though Dark Red #3 is a retrospective issue, Seeley ties the past to the present in a variety of ways, drawing readers fully into Chip’s story. With the social and political elements of the story sketched out and Chip’s backstory revealed, I’m looking forward to whatever Seeley has in store for series.

As for the art, Corin Howell kills it once again. The flashback panels are just as powerful as the ones from present day. Chip’s past is fraught with emotion and Howell captures that panel to panel. More importantly, Howell’s art captures the complexities in Chip’s transformation. Unlike the romantic or violent transformation stories, Chip’s is one of mercy and survival. Howell’s art serves to humanize the act of becoming a vampire, while also depicting the horrors Chip’s experienced.

Bottom Line

Dark Red #3 is a must-read; do not miss Chip’s backstory. Tim Seeley and Corin Howell take great care to depict Chip’s past, humanizing the vampiric experience.

The Bottom Line
Dark Red #3 is a must-read; do not miss Chip’s backstory. Tim Seeley and Corin Howell take create care to depict Chip’s past, humanizing the vampiric experience.
Seeley gives readers' a peak behind the curtain.
Intense, dark, and utterly gratifying

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