Catwoman (2018-) Annual #1 Review

Title: Catwoman (2018-) Annual #1
Publisher: DC
Writer: Joelle Jones
Artist: Elena Casagrande, Scott Godlewski, Hugo Petrus
Colors: Jordie Bellaire
Publication Date: May 29, 2019

Publisher’s Summary: “Selina Kyle walks a fine line in the criminal underworld. A thief herself, she’s regularly on the wrong side of the law, while her personal life gives her crooked colleagues plenty of reason to distrust her. When Catwoman finds herself at the center of a dark plot full of violence and intrigue, she’ll have to decide which side she is on…and who she can trust. If a leopard can’t change its spots, and a leopard is a cat…can Catwoman ever escape her own destiny?”


There’s an old saying, no good deed goes unpunished. Selina Kyle thought she was doing the right thing when she took a group of girls under her claws and taught them the way of her work. Instead, Catwoman finds herself at the center of a conspiracy. Catwoman will have to make some difficult decisions if she’s going to get out of this scrape unscathed.

I enjoy a good detective story, but nothing’s better than when the detective story overlaps one of your favorite comic characters; Catwoman (2018-) Annual #1 is just that comic. Joelle Jones creates the perfect cat-noir style issue, packed with murder and intrigue. The issue is framed as a documentary style interviews, allowing each to tell their side of the story. Quickly, readers discover they will have to decide who they believe, Catwoman or the others. When reading through this issue you can almost here detective-style Jazz playing in the background, as each character gives their account of the events.

Elena Casagrande, Scott Godlewski, Hugo Petrus’s art, along with Jordie Bellaire’s colors create a kind of 90’s vintage style; the muted tones give added atmosphere to the issue. The art adds details that Jones’s narrative leaves out, offering readers a deeper look at the events of story.

The Bottom Line

Catwoman (2018-) Annual #1 is not to be missed. Joelle Jones crafts an utterly fantastic issue, sure to tickle any readers fancy.

The Bottom Line
Catwoman (2018-) Annual #1 is not to be missed. Joelle Jones crafts an utterly fantastic issue, sure to tickle any readers fancy.
Mysterious and intriguing, like Catwoman herself.

Jaimee Nadzan
Jaimee Nadzan
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