High Level (2019-) #4 Review

Title: High Level (2019-) #4
Publisher: DC
Words: Rob Sheridan 
Art: Barnaby Bagenda and Amancay Nahuelpan
Colors: Romulo Fajardo Jr. 
Published: May 15, 2019

Publisher’s Summary: Thirteen awakens to find herself in the Sunken Lands, a flood-ravaged realm filthy with the massive bones of genetically engineered super-beasts bred before the Great Disruption. But where’s that child messiah she’s meant to take to High Level? Kidnapped! Now Thirteen must track Minnow through the most dangerous place on Earth: Pleasure Island.


Thirteen must find Minnow. There’s no question about that, but would they take the young girl? Thanks to a solid tip, Thirteen has a good idea of where to look, but it means traveling to yet another strange and dangerous land. Pleasure Island may be the place to go to lose your inhibitions and live out your wildest fantasies, but it’s not the place for a little girl. Now, Thirteen will have a new enemy to battle if she wants to rescue Minnow.

Rob Sheridan meticulously crafts this issue, painting a broader picture of the complex world of High Level. Buried not too deep from the surface is a substantial amount of meta commentary on current events, which he carefully wraps in the science fiction elements of the story. In this way High Level (2019-) #4 far surpasses the previous three issues. Sheridan’s writing delves deep into the murky problems Thirteen faces, exploring the various systems and structures that allow such problems to fester and spread throughout society. Sheridan will take you to the brink of despair in this issue, and then, just when you it’s all over, pull you back in with an offering of hope.

Beyond Sheridan’s words, Barnaby Bagenda and Amancay Nahuelpan’s art captures every nuance of the issue. Pleasure Island is fill of intricate details that only enhance Sheridan’s script. Go ahead, let your eyes wander a bit, there’s plenty of sights to take in.

Bottom Line

High Level (2019-) #4 is another issue you cannot put down. Sheridan’s writing is sharp and edgy, making readers feel uncomfortable in all the best ways.

The Bottom Line
High Level (2019-) #4 is another issue you cannot put down. Sheridan's writing is sharp and edgy, making readers feel uncomfortable in all the best ways.
Sheridan's script will have you on the edge of your seat.
A beautifully rendered issue

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