Oberon #1 Review

Title: Oberon #1
Publisher: Aftershock
Words: Ryan Parrott
Art: Milo Slavkovich
Publication Date: February 6, 2019

Publisher’s Summary: Betrayed by his people and exiled to Earth, Lord Oberon, the former king of the fairies, seeks out an innocent prophesied child in order to manipulate her into becoming his ultimate weapon so that he can reclaim his rightful throne.


“Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Once upon a time, there was…an ancient evil that tried to consume all of creation.”

Oberon #1 is a bit slow to start, but, before long, readers find themselves in a world where trash can come to life and become a golem, unicorns bite, and coats are gateways to forgotten forests. This book does everything that a debut issue must do, but it also manages to raise enough interest to leave readers hungry for more.

Younger siblings and nose-in-book types will find it quite easy to the protagonist of this series, Bonnie: a special child, who doesn’t know just how special they are, but is destined for greatness. Although most of us have never played a part in fulfilling an ancient prophecy, Bonnie represents the child, in all of us, that wants to belong somewhere and yearns for acceptance. Oberon teems with Fantasy tropes, but remains fresh and exciting.

Both Ryan Parrott’s script, and Milo Slavkovich’s illustrations are imaginative and inspired, and ultimately, they work together to create what promises to be an accessible and highly-entertaining fantasy tale.

The Bottom Line:

Relatable, imaginative, and inviting, Oberon offers readers a much-needed escape. But, be careful what wish for…

Oberon #1
Oberon #1 Review
The Bottom Line
Relatable, imaginative, and inviting, Oberon offers readers a much-needed escape. But, be careful what wish for...

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