Old Lady Harley (2018-) #4 Review

Title: Old Lady Harley (2018-) #4
Publisher: DC
Words: Frank Tieri
Art: Inaki Miranda
Colors: Eva de la Cruz
Published: January 30, 2019

Publisher’s Summary: Harley’s on to the next stop on her quest to find out how the Joker is haunting her from beyond the grave—and that’s the 51st state of Atlantis! Sure, the city under the sea is all Starbucks and water-logged hipsters now, but since Aquaman was the last person to see the Clown Prince alive, can the King of the Sea provide Harley with some much-needed answers? And will they come in time before the Laughing Boys make their ultimate move?


Harley and the gang head over to Vegas for answers about the Joker, but quickly discover that Aquaman holds the key to this mystery. Atlantis is the next stop on this crazy train1, but Harley isn’t the only one in the sunken city. The Laughing Boys continue to follow Harley, for purposes we’ll soon discover.

Frank Tieri continues to write a punchy script in Old Lady Harley (2018-) #4. As the laughs continue to roll in, the story takes a seriously dark turn. Old Lady Harley has not been a particularly thought provoking series; however, this issue presents several interesting questions. With only one issue left, I’m curious to see how Tieri brings the series to a close and wraps up loose ends.

Inaki Miranda’s art depicts Tieri’s script in glorious detail. Readers are treated to detailed panels, adding layers to the stories. Of all the strange images this series has produced, the laughing fish will forever be burned in my brain. And I’m honestly okay with that. 

1Editor’s Note: I’m going off the rails on a…

The Bottom Line

Old Lady Harley (2018-) #4 moves the story towards its conclusion in typical outrageous fashion. I’m looking forward to next issues conclusion. 

The Bottom Line
Old Lady Harley (2018-) #4 moves the story towards its conclusion in typical outrageous fashion. I'm looking forward to next issues conclusion. 
Another outrageous issue, promising readers an epic conclusion

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