Freedom Fighters (2018-) #2

TitleFreedom Fighters (2018-) #2
Publisher: DC
Writer: Robert Venditti
Penciller: Eddy Barrows
Inker: Eber Ferreira
Colorist: Adriano Lucas
Published: January 23, 2019

Publisher’s Summary: The Freedom Fighters go public in present-day Nazi America! It’s been 50 years of fascist rule in the U.S. under Hitler and his heirs, and frankly, everyone’s had enough. A new Freedom Fighters team makes a very public debut in hopes of rallying the people and re-igniting the long-dormant American spirit. Phantom Lady, Black Condor, Doll Girl and Human Bomb strike a blow against the Gestapo’s Iron Police Force, but will it be enough to summon the long-lost Uncle Sam from retirement?


“Freedom is on the way.”

The Freedom Fighters are back and these American-Dream Warriors (Dokken, anyone?) are upsetting the fuhrer, Adolf Hitler II, with there superhero shenanigans. With a battle won, it becomes clear that the war has really just begun and that are heroes are in for a great deal of trouble.

Robert Venditti moves this issue along at an exciting, breakneck pace, leaving readers hungry for more of that Freedom Fighting goodness. The story, despite not progressing forward much at all, continues to work as it maintains its freshness. Visually, the issue is stunning; packed with action-packed two-page spreads, Freedom Fighters #2 offers readers epic eye candy that makes this book worth every penny. 

The Bottom Line:

Freedom Fighters (2018-) #2 is an electric sophomore issue that excites and entertains and continues to impress.

Freedom Fighters (2018-) #2
Freedom Fighters (2018-) #2 Review
The Bottom Line
Freedom Fighters may not be the series that we want, but it's the series that we need...okay, it's the series that we want too. Freedom Fighters (2018-) #1 is a strong debut that leaves readers wanting more 'what-if' action.
Still feels fresh