Die #2

Title: Die #2
Publisher: Image
Words: Kieron Gillen
Art: Stephanie Hans
Publication Date: January 9, 2018

Publisher’s Summary:Remember last time, when we said “Goth Jumanji?” As the bleak, austere fantasy-horror ramps up, we start underlining the word “Goth” in black marker until we cut a hole through the page.


“Fallen, or, as Chuck  will inevitably say, ‘the orcs.’ Not truly conscious, as far as anyone can tell. A trap with legs. Something you can kill with no moral questions whatsoever. Hence “orcs.” It’s a good joke. But no one laughs at a joke that tries to murder you.”

The players have been assembled and the Grandmaster has scripted an epic challenge; let the games begin!

Now that the game has started, the story that started off as a slow-burn, has blossomed into an exciting thriller. No time is wasted in Die #2, before long our heroes are slicing and dicing their way through a madman’s nightmarescape. Despite having a lot of what’s happening on the page described and explained to readers, Kieron Gillen’s script never feels weighed down or hard to swallow; the issue moves at an impressive pace that makes pausing difficult.

Now, after having seen some of the visual goodness that the world of Die can offer, I’m excited to see how Stephanie Hans will continue bringing Gillen’s script to life. All of Hans’ panels and spreads excite and demand attention, giving readers good reason to re-read each issue. The best, I’m sure, is yet to come.

With readers fully immersed in the dark and rich fantasy world of Die, Gillen, Hans, and Cowles continue to impress, offering a reading experience unlike any other, further cementing the series as a must-read.

The Bottom Line:

An impressive sophomore effort, Die #2 cements the series as a must-read for fans of Dark Fantasy. 

Die #2
Die #2 Review
The Bottom Line
An impressive sophomore effort, Die #2 cements the series as a must-read for fans of Dark Fantasy. 
So dark, so fantastic