Hack/Slash: Resurrection #11 Advanced Review

Title: Hack/Slash: Resurrection #11
Publisher: Image
Writer: Tini Howard
Artist: Celor, K. Michael Russell
Cover: Richard Pace, Tim Seeley
Publication Date: September 19, 2018

Publisher’s Summary: “Girls just want to have functional interpersonal relationships. But girls like Cassie might have to settle for vampire slaying. One last team-up with Vampirella in this thrilling conclusion to Return to Haverhill!”


Can’t a girl catch a break? Not when she’s busy kicking ass and slaying vampires, so is the life of Cassie. Now she has to figure out what to do about Vampirella, while her and her aunt take out the town of Havernhill’s abundant vampire population. But’s it’s all in a days work for Cassie, and kicking ass is kind of fun!

Tini Howard does a tremendous job with the conclusion to this story arc. Hack/Slash: Resurrection #11 is action packed, with some witty moments, and biting humor, excuse the pun. Two scenes really stand in this issue, the carnival water-guns-blessed-by-a-priest-turned-vampire-weapon scene and the Vampire Trish peaked in high school scene. Howard writes both scenes with dark humor, where you’re gripped in suspense, but laugh right at the peak of tension. Hack/Slash: Resurrection #11 has got all the classic trappings of Hack/Slash, crazy fight scenes, mildly morose humor, and Cassie’s kick-ass style. Then Howard throws in a twist and draws on more familiar and personal experiences, like the carnival, relatable, but within the Hack/Slash style repertoire. And if that wasn’t enough to have you digging this issue, the final panels really drive home the sappy, feel good ending, complete with campfire and sunset and slightly meta resurrection jokes.

The art this issue was top-notch. Celor and K. Michael Russell make a terrific pair, bringing all the craziness in this issue home. With a little bit of a retro feel to it, the art in this issue really drives  the idea of going back and resurrecting something that once was, a major theme for this story arc. The colors were intense, the fight scenes fun, and that ending campfire was a full throwback to everyone’s childhood.

The Bottom Line:

Hack/Slash: Resurrection #11 is the biting conclusion to the return to Haverhill storyline. Tini Howard weaves kick-ass fight scenes with humor and classic Cassie style, bringing the arc to a spectacular, if somewhat crazy, conclusion.

The Bottom Line
Hack/Slash: Resurrection #11 is the biting conclusion to the Vampirella storyline. Tini Howard weaves kick-ass fight scenes with humor and classic Cassie style, brining the arc to a spectacular, if somewhat crazy, conclusion!
Retro vibes
“I know I peaked in high school”

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