Nancy Drew #4 Advance Review

Title: Nancy Drew #4
Publisher: Dynamite
Writer: Kelly Thompson
Artist/Cover: Jenn St-Onge
Publication Date: September 12, 2018

Publisher’s Summary: The bodies are piling up, the cops won’t help, the suspects won’t talk. Nancy and crew have one move: Infiltrate the PALACE OF WISDOM, a pop-up club full of danger and drugs. Will Nancy be able to crack the case before she, or one of her crew, is targeted next? The mystery goes deeper, by Eisner Award nominee KELLY THOMPSON (Hawkeye, West Coast Avengers) and JENN ST-ONGE (The Misfits, Giant Days).


Things are heating up for Nancy Drew and friends this issue. There’s murder, a cover-up, and an drug ring, but just how these all connect are left unknown. After following-up at the docks, Nancy and friends head out to a rave to find clues on the drug ring that is somehow involved with all this. Armed with her quick wit and ability to think on her feet, Nancy leads her friends right into the lion’s den. Can Nancy connect the dots and save her friend before it’s too late?

Kelly Thompson does it again in this issue! Just when you think you’re about to blow the case wide open, disaster strikes and the truth is veiled once again. Thompson keeps the pressure on in Nancy Drew #4 as the storyline begins to fill out and greater details are learned. Nancy Drew and friends continue to be challenged, pushing the bonds of friendship to the ultimate test. Thompson has infused the perfect amount of tension this issue, giving only a brief relief before turning to the issue’s final panel and leaving us with another, potentially, killer cliffhanger. This issue reminds readers that Nancy Drew is in a dangerous game, and the stakes are life and death.

Jenn St.-Onge’s artwork remains stunning throughout. In particularly, the scene of the costume-clad Nancy and Beth at the rave is amazing. The colors this issue create an atmosphere where the reader can almost hear the thumping music and feel the heat from the packed warehouse in the rave scene. Once more, St.-Onge finds creates just the right mood for this gripping teen mystery.

The Bottom Line:

Another must-read issue! Kelly Thompson has a true gift for creating intense scenes that not only dazzle the reader, but move the plot forward at a steady pace.

Nancy Drew #4 Advance Review
The Bottom Line
Another must-read issue! Kelly Thompson has a true gift for creating intense scenes that not only dazzle the reader, but move the plot forward at a steady pace.
Murder and cover-up and drugs, oh my!
Another killer, maybe, cliffhanger

Jaimee Nadzan
Jaimee Nadzan
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