Eclipse #9 Advance Review

Title: Eclipse #9
Publisher: Image
Script: Zack Kaplan
Art: Giovanni Timpano
Colors: Flavio Dispenza
Publication Date: August 1, 2018

Publisher’s Summary: In a world where sunlight is deadly, former solar engineer David Baxter rushes to escape back into New York City before sunrise, while Cielo Brandt, daughter of a corrupt solar tycoon, searches for the mysterious Scientist responsible for an immunity to dangerous sunlight—a Scientist with his own plans in mind.


“Instead…they seek control…and containment…and the buy complacency and apathy…with a currency of blood. They hide in darkness…and with their righteousness, tell themselves…it’s okay now. This is normal…normal deadly sunlight.”

Eclipse #9 begins a new arc, and after having binge-read the first eight issues in a single sitting, I am eager and excited to see where Zack Kaplan takes us readers next. The series continues to gain momentum, and this issue, like the eight that came before it, offered an entirely immersive reading experience.

Although a series about deadly sunlight has enough of a wow factor to generate and maintain interest, Kaplan utilizes his sci-fi vehicle to explore the human psyche, and in doing so, adds great depth to an already entertaining and thought-provoking story. By allowing his characters to drive this high-concept plot, Kaplan provides readers with the opportunity to relate to and to experience what would otherwise be an unimaginable tragic existence.

“I still have hope for this cure inside me…but I’ve lost hope for this dark city.”

Kaplan’s dialogue is sharp and calculated, and the issue moves at a comfortable pace that allows both for the digestion of new information and the continued generation of excitement.

Eclipse #9 is visually impressive; thanks to well-structured panels and pages as well as highly-detailed character and scene work, artist Giovanni Timpano brings the dystopian world of Eclipse to life. Portraying the horror and the pain that comes from having one’s face melted off by the sun is no easy feat, but Timpano manages to accomplish said feat with relative ease

The Bottom Line:

Brimming with sharp dialogue and highly-detailed illustrations, Eclipse #9 sets the third arc of this amazing story off on a promising path.

Eclipse #9 Cover
Eclipse #9 Advance Review
The Bottom Line
Brimming with sharp dialogue and highly-detailed illustrations, Eclipse #9 sets the third arc of this amazing story off on a promising path.
Sharp dialogue
A great start for the third arc of the series

Charlie Chipman
Charlie Chipman
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