Star Wars Adventures #11 Review

Title: Star Wars Adventures #11 (2017-)
Publisher: IDW
Writer: Cavan Scott, Elsa Charretier, Pierrick Colinet
Artist: Elsa Charretier, Derek Charm
Cover: Derek Charm
Publication Date: June 6, 2018

Publisher’s Summary: ““Powered Down,” Part 2 (of 2). Han and Chewie are stuck on an alien planet with no way off while being pursued by droids bent on their destruction! Will everyone’s favorite smuggler duo find a way to safety before time runs out?”


This issue contained the second part of two stories, “Powered Down” and “Tales from Wild Space: Family Affair.” In the first story Han and Chewie find themselves in a tight spot. The bounty hunters sent for Han are now fighting alongside the pair. After escaping the immediate danger the four go to make their escape on the Millennium Falcom, where Han pulls a fast one to  save himself and Chewie. Over in “Tales from Wild Space” Lando helps out a friend and keeps a troubled youth from turning to a smuggler’s life.

This issue was fun! The story was paced just right, balancing action with story development. In the first story readers get to see some of that classic Han quick thinking, as he averts the bounty hunters. Though this was a great ending from the previous issue, the real gem in this issue is in the second story. Charretier and Colinet show a softer side of Lando in this issue, he is not just a smuggler, but a protector of youth. What brings the whole issue together is Scott, Charretier,and Colinet’s blending of classic elements of the Star Wars universe with hints of new storylines. This is especially true for Lando’s story in this issue. He’s still the same suave, caped Lando, but with added layers of compassion.

Topping off the issue was Derek Charm’s wonderful artwork. The universe of Star Wars has always been synonymous with colorful, diverse settings. Charm uses these classic elements in the comic to recreate that world on the page.

Star Wars Adventures #11 introduces the Star Wars universe to a new side to Lando, adding another reason for audiences to love him. The words and art work well together, creating a fun, exciting, and playful issue.

The Bottom Line:

Star Wars Adventures #11 continues to impress! From the first to the last page, the world of Star Wars is wonderfully created in words and art. Star Wars fans of all ages will love this issue.

Star Wars Adventures #11 Review
The Bottom Line
Issue #11 continues to impress! From the first to the last page, the world of Star Wars is wonderfully created in words and art. Star Wars fans of all ages will love this issue.
Classic Star Wars meets current stories
Colorful, diverse worlds
Lando’s cape

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