Title: Ghostbuster Crossing Over #3 (2018-)
Publisher: IDW
Writer: Erik Burnham
Artist: Dan Schoening
Cover: Tim Lattie
Colorist:  Luis Antonio Delgado
Publication Date: June 6, 2018

Publisher’s Summary: “Well, that wasn’t such a chore, now, was it? With a little help from another dimension or two, the Ghostbusters seem to be on pace to put paid to their present paranormal problem! Except this is only Part 3, which might mean bad news for the boys and girls in gray! Crossing Over, a celebration of all things Ghostbusters, continues here!”


Ghostbusters from across the dimensions have assembled to help the originals with the latest paranormal crisis: a destabilized containment unit. Before the over-sized team can jump into inter-dimensional travel, there’s a crisis at the George Washington Bridge. Averting one crisis, the Ghostbuster press on with their plans, determined to save NYC, one ghost at a time. But with the Ghostbuster’s temporarily gone from this dimension, who or what will they leave this world vulnerable to?

What could be better than Ghostbusters traveling through dimensions, catching ghosts and ghouls, all in the noble pursuit of heroism…and a bit of fame and fortune? Nothing! This issue has it all: an all star line-up of characters, a great story line, excellent artwork, and a colossal cliffhanger! First, let me commend Erik Burnham for being able to cram as many Ghostbusters characters into one issue. There’s the classics, or Prime’s, then there’s the ladies from the recent film, some other-dimensional lookalikes, and a slew of new characters. Top that off with favorites like Janine Melnitz and Walter Peck and Burnham as created the ultimate Ghostbusters’ universe. Then there’s the story itself, classic Ghostbusters’ shenanigans with a twist. Walter Peck appears to have become more mild towards the team, but their antics are just are crazy as usual. And I cannot forget the cliffhanger. It comes out of nowhere, but works so well within the story, tying into the idea of inter-dimensions, while connecting to classic Ghostbusters elements.

Now, the artwork is topnotch, Dan Schoening and Luise Antonio Delgado strike that perfect balance between the vivid world of ghosts and ghouls and real life, which is occasionally beige and boring. The style is clean, but colorful, mirroring the films’ iconic style.

If you like Ghostbusters, I highly recommend you start reading this series, nay I insist. Everything in this issue works: the story line is fresh, but remains true to the original films’ voice, the characters are spot-on, and the cliffhanger promises more excitement and adventure.

The Bottom Line:

Ghostbusters Crossing Over #3 is a terrific issue. Erik Burnham has created a great storyline, that is only enhanced by Dan Schoening and Luise Antonio Delgado’s art and color work. 

The Bottom Line
Ghostbusters Crossing Over #3 is a terrific issue. Erik Burnham has created great storyline that is only enhanced by Dan Schoening and Luise Antonio Delgado’s art and colors. Read it, you won’t be disappointed.
All those Ghostbusters characters
Classic Ghostbusters style
Crazy good artwork