Super Sons #14Title: Super Sons (2017-) #14
Publisher: DC
Words: Peter J. Tomasi
Art: Carlos Barberi
Publish Date: March 21st, 2018

Publisher’s Summary: “MOTHER’S DAY” part two! Talia al Ghul is back in Damian’s life, for better and for worse! As the world’s deadliest mom forces Robin to make the ultimate choice between his past and future, Superboy finds himself caught in the middle. But the specter of Damian’s murderous past life has shaken the bond between the Super Sons, and the body count is far from final. 

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– The Chief


Super Sons (2017-) #14 us to Gotham. Talia al Ghul is taking a contract hit on a random reporter in hopes that her son Damian will intervene. That reporter coincidentally happens to be Lois Lane. Damian and Superboy show up to stop her. Damian and Talia engage and they have a bit of a heart to heart about their relationship.

Super Sons (2017-) #14 is an excellent comic. The writing by Peter J. Tomasi was spot-on, he nails the Super Son characters, Superboy especially. One doesn’t feel like they are reading the words of an adult character that so happens to be drawn like a child, but the words that a child would actually use. Likewise, the interactions between the Super Sons and their parents are equally believable. Tomasi plays up the dichotomy of the loving relationship that Superboy has with Lois versus the dysfunctional one Damian has with Talia while also converying the growing friendship, and bond, of Superboy and Damian even though they come from such different places.

And while the writing is strong, the art is also top-notch. When I open a superhero comic, what’s found here is what that I look for: detailed art that is able to convey movement and the emotion of the characters. I found myself re-reading this Super Sons (2017-) #14 just to gawk at the illustrations.

The Bottom Line:

This was a definite thumbs up for Super Sons #14. First-class writing and out-of-this-world artwork. A definite recommendation.