Kick-Ass #2Title: Kick-Ass #2
Publisher: Image
Words: Mark Millar
Art: John Romita Jr.
Publish Date: March 21st, 2018

Publisher’s Summary: KICK-ASS IS BACK. Patience returns from combat to find her husband gone and her neighborhood in ruin. By day, she waits tables and goes to college. By night, she pulls on a mask and becomes Kick-Ass—serving justice to local scumbags and taking a cut of their cash. With every bust, her list of enemies gets longer, and the city’s worst criminals are out for her blood. Hyper-violent, high-octane brilliance KICK-ASS team, MARK MILLAR and JOHN ROMITA JR.


Despite having met Patience last Issue, in Kick-Ass #2 readers get to meet her and see more of the interesting person that she is while simultaneously being treated to a smorgasbord of ass-kicking and intense entertainment. I’m was thoroughly entertained by the book and I absolutely cannot wait until Issue #3 to watch Patience continue to grow and develop in her new role as a “superhero.”

Each and every page in Kick-Ass #2 explodes with intensity thanks to a combination of Mark Millar’s action heavy script and John Romita Jr.’s hard-hitting illustrations. And already, despite the fact that this series is blood-soaked and bruised, an impressive depth of story and character has been achieved. Millar and Romita sacrifice nothing in order to successfully produce such an exciting comic series that’s best known for being violent. Sure, there’s a lot of ass-kicking, as one would hope, but there’s also a lot more to this series than mere broken bones and bloodied noses; there’s a lot to appreciate here ladies and gentlemen, so get to reading.

The Bottom Line:

There is so much more to this new Kick-Ass series then, well, kicking ass; Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. have put together a stunning second issue that successfully entertains without having to rely solely on blood, bruises, and broken bones.