Title: Slots #6
Publisher: Image
Words: Dan Panosian
Art: Dan Panosian
Letters: Pat Brosseau
Publication Date: March 14, 2018

Publisher’s Summary: “Les and Lucy, Mercy and Tess…now that everyone’s put their cards on the table, Stanley Dance has the fight of his career ahead of him. The odds are against him? Hell, he wouldn’t want it any other way.”


Maybe Stanley has taken too many shots to the head. It’s not like he’s known for his elaborate planning skills or his critical thinking, but somehow, this time, he has a plan that’s going to take down Les, free Mercy and Lucy and save Betsy. Smart money is not on Stan ever being successful, that’s for sure, but ya gotta give it to the mug fer tryin’.


The gritty and difficult characters come alive in Slots. Dan Panosian deftly twists our expectations of these less than exemplary people in a way that is delightful and surprising. He warps cruelty, stupidity and selfishness into an unexpected hero’s journey where Stanley probably doesn’t learn anything, but he wouldn’t know what to do with the knowledge if he had.


Everything looks sleazy and grimy, just like it should. The sun never really shines, not even in the desert and the only things that look real are blood and bruises. Everything else is just distraction, just like the real Las Vegas.

The Bottom Line:

Even at this late date, in the finale, the character of Stanley Dance remains remarkable in that he is still untrustworthy, barely likable and doomed to fail. Yet, I can’t help but cheer him on. He does fail, of course, but spectacularly instead of miserably, and in a completely unsuspected way.