Sideways #1 Review

Title: Sideways (2018-) #1
Publisher: DC
Writers: Dan DiDio, Justin Jordan, Kenneth Rocafort
Artist: Kenneth Rocafort
Colorist: Dan Brown
Letterer: Carlo M. Mangual
Publication Date: February 14th, 2018

Publisher’s Summary: “During the events of DARK NIGHTS: METAL, high school junior Derek James accidentally fell through a rift into the dark matter dimension! Now, as Sideways, he can create rifts in midair to leap through dimensions at will! But with that much power comes great liability—and cracks are starting to form in the fabric of the space-time continuum…”


Sideways (2018-) #1 is the newest and perhaps strongest book to emerge from DC’s New Age of Heroes initiative and while the books isn’t exactly packed with action, per se, readers are presented with the opportunity to get to know the young man behind the Sideways mask. I especially like and appreciate how closely Sideways’ origin is connected to the events transpiring in the Metal event that’s currently taking place, and I also like and appreciate how Derek, our protagonist, is struggling with his newly acquired superpowers which enable him to open up rifts out of thin air and travel from one place to the next in the matter of an instant. Surely, Sideways’ powers, once full developed, will prove to be some of the strongest and most exciting in the DCU.

The sheer amount of detail that is packed into each and every panel of Sideways (2018-) #1 is incredible; the feel of Sideways (2018-) #1 is unique and works well to round out the overall ‘look’ and ‘image’ of DC’s current comic book lineup. Sideways (2018-) #1 looks and feels incredibly fresh, and the Sideways costume design is simple and effective and works well to, whether intentionally or not, modernize the classic costumed superhero look.

Sideways (2018-) #1 moves at a comfortable pace, and already, with an emphasis being placed on Derek’s immaturity and inexperience, I am confident that this series will be great thanks to its apparent depth and overall potential. As I partially stated earlier, Derek is a teenage who possesses some of the strongest and most dangerous abilities in the DCC should he learn to develop them.

The Bottom Line:

Sideways (2018-) #1 is the newest and perhaps strongest book to emerge from DC’s New Age of Heroes initiative. Every panel is packed with an incredible amount of detail and the overall look and feel of Sideways is unique. Sideways (2018-) #1 moves at a comfortable pace and is very well-written. I’m eager to see how Sideway is developed, and thanks to cliffhanger ending that inspires interest, I am eager to read Sideways #2.

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