Port of Earth #4 Review

Title: Port of Earth #4
Publisher: Image
Writer: Zack Kaplan
Artist: Andrea Mutti
Colorist: Vladimir Popov
Letterer: Troy Peteri
Publication Date: February 14th, 2018

Publisher’s Summary: “Earth Security Agents Rice and McIntyre must return a dangerous alien safely to Port, but while Rice would rather take a safe and careful approach, McIntyre is determined to use lethal force if necessary. Despite being divided, they grab their big alien guns and confront the alien in climactic fashion, all as journalist Julia Campbell presses ESA head Tom Rutgers about the frightening future of the Port of Earth.”


Port of Earth continues to be one of the most unique and consistent comics currently in print. Here, in Port of Earth #4, the story really takes off and while there are still more questions that remain unanswered, the overall picture is becoming clearer as the plot progresses forward in (now) typical Port of Earth fashion. The world in Port of Earth is expanding and as Rice and McIntyre venture further down the rabbit hole, the potential to thrill and excite expands exponentially. Port of Earth #4 also regains/rebuilds some of the momentum that was lost in Issue #3 and does so in a way that generates added interest for what’s to come in the series, and thus, Port of Earth #4 is a successful book.

One aspect of Port of Earth that I’ve overlooked, or, at the very least, haven’t spent much time writing about, is how incredibly relevant the series is in 2018; with unwanted ‘aliens’ everywhere and the heads of big businesses making decisions that line their pockets while simultaneously affecting the lives of those scurrying at their feet in negative ways and a law enforcement agency that’s constantly being recorded and scrutinized…Port of Earth is a modern series that successfully utilizes real-world influence to serially produce thought-provoking works of fiction.

The Bottom Line:

Port of Earth continues to reign as one of the most unique and well-crafted comic books currently being published; Port of Earth #4 and its predecessors are must-reads for Sci-fi fans, and in Port of Earth #4, the plot thickens and Port of Earth world expands exponentially. Pick this one up.

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