Angelic #6 Review

“A Good, Simple Asset’ll Do Just About Anything For A Pat On The Head And A Treat.”

Title: Angelic #6
Publisher: Image
Words: Simon Spurrier
Art: Caspar Wijngaard
Letters: Jim Campbell
Publication Date: February 14, 2018

Publisher’s Summary: “HEIRS AND GRACES,” Part Six As the great war of monks and mans reaches its climax, Qora finally gets answers for all her asks—and must pick a side at last.”


In this issue, the finale of Angelic, the brave girlmonk Qora is confronted by betrayal from all sides. Her enemies, her family and her gods mean to restrain and demean her by removing her wings. Freedom to fly, explore, learn and be herself will not be tolerated. Doctrine must be obeyed above all else. Fortunately, she is not as gullible as she used to be.


Just because this is a “Teen” title doesn’t mean that it has to be juvenile. Rather than pander, Simon Spurrier chooses to elevate. Angelic is truly more than it appears to be at first glance.


Casper Wijngaard meets the challenges presented by the understated complexity of the story. Emotion, compassion, violence and action are delivered as required, but beneath and around the obvious, we also see the larger story. There is more here that we might have noticed and that is exactly the point of the epic struggle playing out in the battered world of Angelic.

The Bottom Line:

Angelic is a series that challenges expectations and delivers more than required. This is an exciting adventure about flying monkeys and cyborg manatees, but more so it is about individuality, the courage of convictions and the danger of group-think. One of the best of the best.

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