Slots #5 Review

“Scales Vary…”

Title: Slots #5
Publisher: Image
Words: Dan Panosian
Art: Dan Panosian
Letters: Pat Brosseau
Publication Date: February 14, 2018

Publisher’s Summary: “Stanley Dance is on a hot streak. After all these years, is his bad luck finally balancing out? Or has he just found a new way of looking at rock bottom?”


Stanley thinks he is holding all the cards, and maybe he is right, but it looks more like his old pal Les is double dealing him (and the rest of the family) behind his back. His son, Betsey and Mercy –everyone he cares about – is in danger of losing what little they have, and Stanley might be making it worse.


Dan Panosian has created a character who is strangely likable despite his many and obvious flaws. He is using more than just the typical underdog or anti-hero approach, but rather he reveals how a subtle and irresistible charm is imbued in an otherwise reprehensible loser. Or maybe Stanley Dance is just the least objectionable scam artist in town. Certainly Les is a bigger sleaze than we ever knew and certainly a liar.


Grittiness and ugliness inhabit this dark side of Las Vegas. This is a world full of shadows and if nothing can be seen clearly, well then, that’s the point.

The Bottom Line:

Like some old black and white movie, Slots has all the back room barroom ambiance right before the chaos ensues. This dumb palooka doesn’t know when to git when the gittin’s good. The fall will be spectacular, but I’m worried about the collateral damage.

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