Superman #40 Review

Title: Superman (2016-) #40
Publisher: DC
: James Robinson
Art: Doug Mahnke
Ink: Jamie Mendoza & Scott Hanna
Colors: Wil Quintana
Letters: Rob Leigh
Superman (2016-) #40: February 7th, 2018

Publisher’s Summary: “SUICIDE PLANET” part one! Far away in a distant solar system, a world stands on the brink of destruction, much as Krypton did so many years ago. As Superman and son venture off into space to help, an unexpected adversary stops our heroes dead in their tracks: these people wish to die.

In Superman (2016-) #40, we join Superman and is son Jon on the anniversary of the Krypton’s destruction. In the biggest coincidence ever, or by a twist of fate, Superman and Jon are alerted that another planet will be destroyed in much the same manner as their home world. They depart to save it only to find that the inhabitants believe that it is the will of their gods and ask that the two leave peacefully. In typical Superman fashion…he declines and in doing so insults their religion. At this point, the father and son duo are attacked and flee and eventually are rescued by one of the few scientists on the planet who seeks their help in saving the planet.

Both Robinson’s writing and Mahnke’s art are excellent, and while the beginning of the book is somewhat slow, the pace picks up shortly and begins to move right along. The script is enjoyable and progresses smoothly the with only one moment, about magic, that leaves readers wondering. The book’s art enhances the overall reading experience and Mahnke does a great job of bring this alien world alive.

The Bottom Line:

Superman fans will not be disappointed. Superman (2016-) #40 is a solid story that doesn’t reveal too much too soon and ultimately generates interest for the next issue.