Legenderry Red Sonja Vol. 2 #1 Review

“Tragedy And The Cruelty Of The Fates”

Title: Legenderry Red Sonja Vol. 2 #1
Publisher: Dynamite
Words: Marc Andreyko
Art: Igor Lima
Colors: Adriano Augusto
Letters: Thomas Napolitano
Publication Date: February 7, 2018

Publisher’s Summary: “The last we saw of Red Sonja of the Legenderry world, she was living the pirate’s life aboard her ship, The Nautilus. But times have changed. As she tries to rebuild her life once again, she must save the Big City from two houses divided and the star crossed love bringing them to the brink of war!”


This version of Red Sonja is a swashbuckling steampunk gambler who is too reckless and too softhearted for her own good. This time she finds herself pitted between crime boss and sorcerer all because of a couple of star crossed lovers.


Legenderry Red Sonja is not to be taken too seriously. Humor and adventure are the main objectives here. One should not look too deeply here. That the dilemma at hand is unlikely, familiar and all too convenient is beside the point. All we want is an excuse for heroics and that’s what we get.


The art is epic as well. Red Sonja is larger than life as she should be. The colors are vibrant, the lines are sharp and everyone is as beautiful as Hollywood stars.

The Bottom Line:

The rousing lighthearted tone suits the absurd premise making this an entertaining jaunt. Red Sonja is gorgeous and heroic and a great deal of fun. What else is there? A simple action adventure that is worth a look.

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