Coyotes #4 Review

“You Just Gotta Burn It All Down”

Title: Coyotes #4
Publisher: Image
Words: Sean Lewis
Art: Caitlin Yarsky
Publication Date: February 7, 2018

Publisher’s Summary: “The first arc ends with Red deep in Adlin territory and the werewolf Seff on the loose, wanting revenge on the men who chained him. Ancient enemies become allies in this exciting issue!”


The final battle with Red, her friends, the Abuelas, the Duchess, and Coffey versus the Adlin abominations goes poorly until Seff turns the tide. Unfortunately and not so surprisingly, he inevitably turns on them. Yet Red is revealed as the champion. She is the true wolf, and she, in all her magnanimity and at the height of her power allows Seff to escape with his life. There is a certainty that they will cross paths again and likely as enemies.


Coyotes is by no means an ordinary horror story. The katana wielding child named Red, the supernatural grannies, and an ancient giant werewolf who hates them all are fantastic, terrifying and entirely reasonable. Sean Lewis has produced fierce action, sharp dialogue and excellent characters. He tells a story that resonates beyond a simple revenge tale.


The whole story in each panel appears washed in blood adding to the tension and horror of this sad and ancient story.

The Bottom Line:

In just four issues Lewis and Yarsky have crafted a smart and timely story that is part folklore, part manifesto and all good. Never underestimate a girl with a sword. Coyotes is thrilling and entirely original in the best possible way.

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