Damage #1 Review

Title: Damage (2018-) #1
Publisher: DC
Writer: Robert Venditti
Artist: Tony Daniel
Inker: Dany Miki
Colorist: Tomeu Morey
Publication Date: January 17th, 2018

Publisher’s Summary: Ethan “Elvis” Avery just wanted to serve his country. Instead, he’s been changed into a monster! Tasked as the government’s own living, breathing, ticking time bomb, Ethan retains no control when the monster takes over. Cheaper than a nuclear warhead and twice as effective, Ethan fights to rein in the damage he unleashes when the beast inside him springs free for one hour a day. With everyone around him in danger, Ethan struggles to contain the DAMAGE he inflicts on the DC Universe.


Welcome to the New Age of Heroes ladies and gentleman! Damage (2018-) #1 is the first in DC’s exciting ‘New Age of Heroes’ campaign which will introduce the world to a slew of new and seemingly interesting titles that are sure to shake up the comic book industry. This campaign/initiative gets off to a solid start with Damage (2018-) #1, a book that keeps on hitting until it can’t hit anymore.

Saying that Damage (2018-) #1 is action-packed is an understatement; this high-octane fueled ride starts out fast from the gate and doesn’t let up. The majority of this book involves explosions and ass-kicking, and by the time the action lets up, the book is nearly over, and it is my guess that readers will already be hooked.

Damage #1Packed with highly-detailed illustrations and (multiple) gorgeous two-page spreads, Damage (2018-) #1 is an artist’s book through and through and reminds me (the jaded reader) of the comics from the 80’s and 90’s that made me drool and eventually leave me calling myself a comic book fan. I’m a sucker for single and dual-page spreads, and Tony Daniel and the rest of the creative team incorporate several of them into the book; these spreads alone make Damage (2018-) #1 worthy of a re-read or two.

Damage (2018-) #1 is an action-packed work that has left me eager to see what else DC has hiding up its sleeve. Sure, this book could have done a bit more setup and explaining, but what fun would that be?

The Bottom Line:

Welcome to the New Age of Heroes ladies and gentleman! Damage (2018-) #1 comes out of the gate swinging; this book hits hard and keeps on hitting throughout and when it finally stops, readers, with their heads dizzy from the action, will be eager to keep reading this series and will also be looking forward for what DC has in mind with other New Age of Heroes titles. Damage (2018-) #1 isn’t perfect but it’s entertaining.