Suicide Squad (2016-) #33

Title: Suicide Squad (2016-) #33
Publisher: DC
Writer: Si Spurrier
Pencils: Fernando Pasarrn
Inks: Oclair Albert
Colorist: Blond
Letterer: Pat Brosseau
Publication Date: January 10th, 2018

Publisher’s Summary: “THE CHOSEN JUAN” part one! When an apocalyptic new threat threatens the safety of Earth, the Suicide Squad is called into action—and they bring in a new member! But who is the mysterious Juan? And what are his powers? Is there more to him than meets the eye?


Who the hell is Juan Soria? Soria is character that despite not being all that special or interesting is the focal point of Suicide Squad (2016-) #33. Typically, focusing in on a new and relatively uninteresting character would mean that a book is destined for failure, but thanks to Soria’s frankness and Si Spurrier’s writing, it works. Juan Soria is, essentially, a throwaway character who knows that he doesn’t belong in the story, and thus, in knowing this and in speaking directly to readers Soria becomes far more interesting of a character than first thought. The fact that he is uninteresting and knows it is, well, interesting.

Si Spurrier’s script is interesting more so than exciting and while I think some more emphasis should have been placed on progressing the story, rather than further developing a new character, Suicide Squad (2016-) #33 was a pleasant read. I smiled several times throughout my reading thanks to Juan Soria and his predicament, and thus, after having not read a Suicide Squad comic in some time, I think that this book gives me good reason to get back into reading the series.

Clearly our new friend is going to play a larger part in this story than it appears; I’m looking forward to seeing what that part is.

The Bottom Line:

Who the hell is Juan Soria? It’s been some time since I picked up a Suicide Squad comic book and I’m glad that this is the one that I decided to read. Suicide Squad (2016-) #33 is entertaining and light and everything that one looks for in a Suicide Squad comic; it’s well-written and well-illustrated and overall makes for an enjoyable read.