Coyotes #3

“You Will Always Kill What You Can Get Away With”

Title: Coyotes #3
Publisher: Image
Words: Sean Lewis
Art: Caitlin Yarsky
Publication Date: January 10, 2018
Publisher’s Summary: “The revenge fantasy continues! Faced with Abuela and the old women that originally warred with the Werewolves, Red and Coffey discover a history of this ancient war and of Red’s lost sister, Maria. All the while, Adlin Industries continues to torture the werewolf Seff in pursuit of the greatest weapon imaginable.”

Red and Coffey find that they are not welcome in the strange house of the doll making old lady. There Red finds out more about her sister Maria and her own destiny, but not before a bit of a firefight. Just when the mad crone pulls out a BFG the duchess arrives to smooth things over. They all face a common enemy so she proposes an assault on the source of evil, some sort of arms factory. The coyotes, it seems, are a sort of weaponized shapeshifter.


Lewis’ modern approach to lycanthropy adds more terror to the legend. He establishes the transformation as a curse as it is so often depicted, but this time it is exacerbated by human interference with natural and supernatural forces. Evil has many faces.


The beauty of the seemingly lifeless desert compliments the overriding conflict between the Earth and Technology. Yarsky gives us the distinctions between the natural and the polluted with subtle shading and brings tension with the deliberate panel selections.

Bottom Line:

Coyotes is innovative and intelligent that captures a sense of timelessness while firmly establishing itself in the here and now. This is never just another werewolf story and always something thrilling and mysterious.

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