Lindsay Lohan took to Twitter in support of wanting to star in Joss Whedon’s Batgirl film. Lohan asked that her more than nine-million fans RT her tweet which tagged Whedon as a sign of support and as of writing this article, Lohan’s tweet has earned 4.4K RT’s, 6.6K Likes, and nearly 2K comments.

Lindsay Lohan wants to play BatgirlScrolling through the comments on this post shows that fans have mixed opinions about Lohan taking on Barbara Gordon; a quick glance shows that the overall response from fans is ‘No,’ but there are quite a few supporters.

Whedon hasn’t replied to Lohan as of yet. The production schedule for Whedon’s Batgirl film also hasn’t been announced.

What do you think, should Joss Whedon cast the Mean Girls star to play Batgirl?