Comic Book Review: Extremity #10

“Anything That Looked Like It Meant Something To Somebody, We Kept.”

Title: Extremity #10
Publisher: Image
Words: Daniel Warren Johnson
Art: Daniel Warren Johnson
Colors: Mike Spicer
Letters: Rus Wooton
Publication Date: January 3, 2018
Publisher’s Summary: “Thea learns the hard way that peace never lasts.”

Meshiba leads Thea and Rollo to the Hall of Dust. It is the place where all the useless things that the people of Essene have found are kept. Among the broken weapons and obsolete technology are such things as books and drawings. It is a place of despair and maybe holds a promise for the future. Meanwhile, the beacon is activated by the surviving Rota to summon something awful. Perhaps the end of everything is at hand as The Beast in the Dark, the Destroyer of worlds is released.


With ten issues in there are deeper levels to explore both literally and figuratively. The nature of war and the endlessness of the human capacity to inflict and endure suffering are explored as well as the complexities of family loyalty. These heady topics endure in the midst of epic battles and brooding reflections. The action is all there right alongside of the food for thought.


The art is brutal and poignant with suffering and compassion shown on the mutilated faces.

Bottom Line:

With every issue Extremity shocks and provokes to tell a story full of conflict both of internal and global significance. There may be blood and gore aplenty, horrifying monsters (and some of those monsters aren’t the humans), but this is also the story of the innocents drawn into the madness of vengeance and obsession.