Comic Book Review: Maestros #3

Title: Maestros #3
Publisher: Image
Words: Steve Skroce
Art: Steve Skroce
Colors: Dave Stewart
Letters: Fonografiks
Publication Date: December 13, 2017
Publisher’s Summary: The most powerful spell in creation has been stolen. “The Book of Remaking” allows its user to recreate reality in their image, and the new Maestro is the only one who can open it. Now the thieves are coming for him. Willy’s reign might be a short one.

One-eyed Rygol has gotten his grubby little paws on what is apparently the most powerful spell in all of creation and that means bad news for, well, everyone. Wren’s been killed, and since the uber-douche (Rygol) has the undead wizard Mardok under his control, it appears as though there’s no stopping him from unfolding his plan.

Maestros #3 is epic. Skroce’s art and writing work hand-in-hand—as one would expect—to create a reading experience that is nothing short of excellent. Panels are packed full of rich, vivid detail and his script works on multiple levels. Oddly, it’s difficult not to smile while reading the sometimes terrible events unfolding on the page.

With each issue, Maestros has gotten consistently better, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

The Bottom Line:

Maestros #3 is one hell of a book; filled with dramatic twists and turns, solid character development, and steady progression of plot, Issue #3 is an excellent chapter in this magical romp.