Comic Book Review: Deadman by Neal Adams (2017-) #2

Title: Deadman by Neal Adams (2017-) #2
Publisher: DC
Words: Neal Adams
Art: Neal Adams
Colorist: Neal Adams
Letters: Clem Robins
Publication Date: December 6, 2017     
Publisher’s Summary: “Any lingering doubt that Deadman was deliberately murdered in cold blood, and not as a test for the Hook to join the League of Assassins, is put to rest once and for all!”

The current Deadman run is disappointing. Knowing that the story is being written and illustrated by Neal Adams—a man who certainly knows Boston Brand very well—only adds to the overall disappointment, especially since going into my reading I figured that if anyone could carry Deadman back from the pits of failure it would be Neal Adams.

As the story progresses in this limited run, it is getting more outlandish, and in doing so, it is losing its overall structure. I’m unsure why, but the book feels quite loose and unpolished; it almost reads as though Adams was unsure of what to do with the character.

Adams’ artwork is solid, but it doesn’t make up for the lackluster story. The books progression, or flow, from panel to panel isn’t quite right at times and it feels as though beats are missing.

Issue #2 ends on a note that would otherwise be interesting, but thanks to the first two issues of this run, I have a feeling that introducing more moving parts to this un-oiled machine will only result in failure.

The Bottom Line:

More so than anything else, the current Deadman series is disappointing. We had gotten off to a shaky, but alright start, but now the story just isn’t working. The artwork is solid, but it’s not enough to redeem the run.