Comic Book Review: Ragman (2017-) #2

Title: Ragman (2017-) #2
Publisher: DC

Words: Ray Fawkes
Pencils: Inaki Miranda
Colors: Eva De La Cruz
Letters: Josh Reed
Publication Date: November 8th, 2017
Publisher’s Summary: When a pair of demons attack Rory’s father in order to get to the Suit of Souls, Rory jumps into battle head-on. But with little practice using the suit, Rory gets tangled in a web of nightmares. As Rory is forced to face his own inner demons he must fight his way out, both physically and mentally, in order to save his father.

All hell is breaking loose, and man is it a sight to behold. In no time at all, this story has gone from zero to sixty, and we’re now moving at full-speed and in a direction that shows great promise.


Ray Fawkes is making great use of his time in writing this limited run; so much so that readers are going to reach an end, and inevitably, want more. In Ragman (2017-) #2, more is revealed both about Rory and his new mystical threads. Fawkes, while adding insight also manages to raise the stakes quite a bit, and thus, in doing so, produces an issue that is both packed full of action and story.


Inaki Miranda is producing some stellar artwork in illustrating Fawkes’ script. Panel after panel, Miranda incorporates intense imagery that makes reading Ragman a stellar experience.

The Bottom Line:

In Ragman (2017-) #2, writer Ray Fawkes provides the reader with some added insight into not only Rory’s life, but also into the myth/legend surrounding Ragman. With only four issues remaining in this run, Fawkes is making excellent use of his time; we’re moving full-speed ahead.