Comic Book Review: Mister Miracle #4

Title: Mister Miracle #4
Publisher: DC
Words: Tom King
Art: Mitch Gerards
Letters: Clayton Cowles
Publication Date: November 8th, 2017
Publisher’s Summary: “It’s the trial of Mister Miracle! Orion and Lightray are convinced that Scott has become infected with Anti-Life and is working against them to bring down New Genesis. Scott must succumb to their interrogation and physical challenges to prove he’s not what they say he is…but how do you speak truth to people who don’t want to believe?”

And the plot thickens! As we find ourselves travelling deeper down the rabbit hole, the story is becoming darker and more intense. In Mister Miracle #4 Scott Free has to face Orion who elects to play both judge and jury in his trial. As one would guess, things get quite intense once the trial starts, and by the issue’s end, readers will be eager to see what’s to come.


Scott Free is completely detached from the world in which he’s living in, and writer Tom King does an excellent job showcasing this in Mister Miracle #4. Reflecting on the issue, I realize that at points during my reading, I was growing anxious and somewhat uncomfortable; again, excellent work Mr. King. Excellent work indeed.


Yet again, Mitch Gerards has produced an intense issue that is pure eye candy. More so than anything else here, Gerards perfectly portrays the tension that hangs in the air as well as Scott Free’s disassociation—his severe detachment from his surroundings. Yes, King has produced consistently great scripts for Gerards to work with, but Gerards has brought said scripts to life.

The Bottom Line:

Mister Miracle is one of the best series that DC has published in some time; four issues in, and so far, it’s done nothing but astound. Tom King and Mitch Gerards are a dream team and Mister Miracle #4 is one of their best issues yet.