Comic Book Review: Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps (2016-) #32

Title: Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps (2016-) #32
Publisher: DC

Words: Robert Venditti
Pencils: Ethan Van Sciver and Liam Sharp
Colors: Jason Wright
Letters: Dave Sharpe
Publication Date: November 8th, 2017
Publisher’s Summary: “BATS OUT OF HELL” part two! The Dawnbreaker descends on Coast City, ready to suck its light away before moving on to the rest of our world. Backed up by the power of the Justice League, Hal Jordan stands ready to stop the perverted Lantern—until the Batman Who Laughs steps out of the shadows.

If any of DC’s best can defeat their Dark Multiverse Bruce Wayne counterpart, it’s Hal Jordan. Thinking this, I was eager to see Hal Jordan take on the Dawnbreaker in Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps (2016-) #32, and for the most part, I wasn’t dissatisfied. Without giving anything away, I’ll say that the end of the battle is a bit of a let-down not because of the outcome, but because of its abruptness. And that is all that I will say about that…


Robert Venditti does a fantastic job here in writing Hal Jordan’s inner and external dialogue, and ultimately, he produces a satisfying read that’ll get readers—especially fans of Hal Jordan—pumped. With that said, however, I did find myself feeling as though there was a beat missing at the end of the story; regardless, the book works well.


Ethan Van Sciver, Liam Sharp, and Jason Wright work extremely well together on this book and perfectly depict the epic showdown as penned by Robert Venditti. Light and darkness clash in Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps (2016-) #32, and being able to witness this happen on the page is well-worth the price of admission.

The Bottom Line:

In Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps (2016-) #32, readers will find themselves smack-dab in the middle of an epic fight between Hal Jordan and his Dark Multiverse Bruce Wayne counterpart, the Dawnbreaker. Fans of Hal and the Green Lanterns will get pumped in reading Hal Jordan’s inner-dialogue thanks to Venditti’s solid script.