Comic Book Review: Ragman #1

Title: Ragman (2017-) #1
Publisher: DC
Words: Ray Fawkes
Art: Inaki Miranda
Colors: Eva de la Cruz
Letters: Josh Reed
Publication Date: October 11, 2017
Publisher’s Summary: “After a failed mission to raid a tomb in the Israeli Desert, war veteran Rory Harper is plagued by the death of his partners. As Rory battles his guilt back in Gotham City, he discovers that what was in that tomb has followed him home, and it’s about to change his life. But as Rory begins his journey, an evil is invading Gotham City, and it wants what he’s discovered. A hero is born in this visionary reimagining of the Ragman mythos by writer Ray Fawkes and artist Inaki Miranda!”

The first issue of a miniseries carries a good deal of weight as it must not only set up a short story, it must also introduce new characters (typically) while also keeping the reader entertained; Ragman #1 does all of these things successfully. Despite having a good deal of groundwork to lay—in a short amount of time—Ragman #1 gets off to an explosive start and generates enough forward momentum to carry Rory Regan (Ragman) to greatness.


Ray Fawkes breathes new life into Robert Kanigher and Joe Kubert’s forty-year-old character, and in writing, spins a tattered tale that promises to leave readers wanting more after Issue #6. Thanks to some powerful dialogue—internal and otherwise—Fawkes makes it apparent that our protagonist is carrying a surreal amount of emotional weight on his unsteady shoulders.

Ragman #1 moves rather quickly thanks to some expert plotting from Fawkes; it’s clear that the next five issues of this series will zoom by at break-neck pacing that will leave readers on the edge of their seats.


In Ragman #1 Inaki Miranda’s illustrations twist and turn and flow effortlessly from panel to panel. Miranda’s Ragman design is amazing. The amount of detail that Miranda plugs into each and every scene where Ragman is seen is breathtaking.

The ink work in this book is top-notch, and combined with Eva de la Cruz’ stunning color work, Ragman #1 is transformed into a visually stunning book that, for no reason other than its art, deserves to be read.

The Bottom Line:

Ray Fawkes and Inaki Miranda breath life into a mystical character that first hit the pages in the 1970’s. Ragman #1 is a fantastic start to what promises to be a memorable mini-series. Don’t miss this one folks.